Shoot Day

Meet and greet

After arriving, we will meet and introduce ourselves. From there I will go over the general plan for the shoot including areas we will be shooting in, and also answer any questions you may have.


Outfits and more outfits

Next we will take a look at the outfits and lingerie that you brought, and then I will show you to my lingerie closet that you can look through and choose any outfits you would like to use for the shoot. Choose one or choose them all!

Shoot time

It's time to get down to business and shoot! My shoots are fun, laid back, enjoyable, yet professional! Don't have experience posing? No worries, I have plenty experience helping clients pose and look amazing! I will walk you through each pose and help direct you as needed! My main concern is making sure you are comfortable and having a great experience.


End of the shoot

After the shoot is over we will part ways. Before you leave I will explain how the photos will be delivered and make sure you are leaving with the best experience possible.


This is where the majority of my time is spent. For a 2 hour shoot I could easily spend 3-6+ hours editing your photos. Once all of the photos are edited, I will send them to you and let you know that they are finished. I do try to send a few preview shots within 24 hours of the shoot if possible.


Photo delivery

Once you receive your photos and review them, you are more than welcome to cry at how amazing you look! Don't worry, it's common!

If you absolutely loved your shoot experience and your photos, you could also write me reviews online! The links will be provided to you with your photos. Reviews help me tremendously and I would be extremely grateful for any reviews you leave... hopefully positive ones!

Don't forget to share your photos with the world on Instagram, Facebook, VSCO, or Twitter, and feel free to tag me!