Boudoir Retreats

Grab your friends for a fun and unique boudoir retreat!


You and your best friends

Grab your friends for a fun boudoir retreat at a beautiful local AirBNB in your area! Great for a girls retreat, bachelorette party, birthday party, or just something fun and different!


For a Full Day of fun

Half the fun of any boudoir shoot is picking out and trying on a bunch of lingerie! The other half is doing the actual shoot, and the other half is hanging out with your friends!


At a Unique Boudoir Retreat

The shoot will be at a beautiful and unique location in your area. I will pick a large house with unique features that will be great for shooting and also hanging out!

What is the cost?

The boudoir retreat starts at $3,000 for local WA/ID retreats, or $4,000 for non-local retreats. This price includes the rental for the home, travel expenses, hair and makeup artist, and other costs. Depending on your groups budget and the location choice, the price may be higher.

I recommend at minimum 4 people, and a max of 12. The number of people will affect the number of photos that each person will receive. The maximum number may also vary depending on the location of the retreat.

It may take 1-3 weeks to deliver all of the photos after the shoot, however I will send roughly 5 edited photos of each person within 2 days.

50% is required up front to book your boudoir retreat, and the remaining amount must be paid in full no later than 1 week before the retreat. Deposits are non-refundable

Contact me to discuss your boudoir retreat!

How many people can come to the boudoir retreat?

I recommend between 4-12 people. This may depend on the house as there may be a maximum occupancy number.

Does the number of people attending affect the price?

Not at all. There is a base fee of $3,000/$4,000 which covers the enter retreat. The only time the cost will be higher is if your group chooses to pay more to have your retreat in an even nicer home.

I recommend splitting the total cost between each person, and the more you have the less each person will pay.

Can we do the boudoir retreat at my house?

No, at this time my boudoir retreats will only be held at a location that I choose that will work for a photoshoot and also be large enough for handle a boudoir retreat. One of the benefits of the retreat is to go somewhere new and nice.

With that said, depending on your home, it may be possible to do a boudoir retreat at your location, however this would need to be discussed before booking. If a retreat was done at your home, the price would be lowered.

Do I need to provide my own lingerie and outfits?

It is not required to provide your own outfits, however I do recommend you bring any lingerie and outfits that you wish to shoot in. I will also need to know at the time of booking the number of guests and their sizes.

While I do have a lingerie closet available, and it is always growing, I may only have a limited selection in certain sizes.

Will food and drinks be provided at the retreat?

Yes, I will be providing limited food, snacks, and beverages (water, soda, wine) during the retreat. You are also welcome and recommended to bring your own food. It will be a full day of shooting and you may be hungry throughout the day. You will be able to utilize the kitchen for any of your cooking needs.

How long does the boudoir retreat last?

Typically the boudoir retreat will last from 9am - 10pm, however it could go as late as you wish!

Will we be shooting the entire time?

Typically someone in your group will be shooting at any given time. Usually there will be 2-3 people shooting at once and taking turns.It's always great when your friends are there cheering and rooting you on!

A typical shoot will last 2-3 hours per person, which for retreats it would be broken up throughout the day. It is a boudoir retreat, but also a fun retreat! So you are more than welcome to hang out with your friends, relax, and just have a good time while you waiting to shoot!

Some homes I shoot in will have pool tables, hot tubs, pools, movie theaters, and other fun ways to keep you and your friends entertained!

You are also not obligated to stay in the house. For example if the home is located on a lake or beach and people want to take a break from shooting and go for a swim or hit the town, you are more than welcome to leave at any time! Just know that if you aren't there, I can't shoot!