Other Types of Shoots Available

Everyone has a different taste with what they like. Some people want amazing boudoir photos, and some also want something different

Water Beads

oil, water, food coloring

  • Water beads are really fun and interesting
  • Great with lighting and different water colors,
  • Perfect way to show off your sexy curves!


lights, shadow, body

  • Silhouettes are extremely beautiful, sexy, and eye catching
  • Can be done inside or outside, with artificial or natural light
  • Colored lights and great poses make amazing for photos

All photo types are included in your shoot as an optional add-on
Individual shoots can be purchased for $50-$100 a session

Bondage and Shibari

leather, whips, and rope

  • Shibari is a fun and interesting way to play with rope
  • A lot of people love the look of bondage or capturing their kinks
  • They all look great in photos and a fun to way to mix things up

I love trying new techniques and types of shoots!
If you have anything you are interested in that you don't see, please let me know!